Mobile Massage Sydney

Have you ever needed a massage at short notice but struggled to be able to make a booking with your local therapist? They are either booked out, it's too far for you to travel at short notice or it's just not open at a time that you can get to see them.

Have you thought about having a therapist come to you and book a mobile massage Sydney?
You may be surprised about how many home massage Sydney services exist

If you search online for mobile massage Sydney or home massage Sydney then there are both companies that have multiple therapists who work for them or there are individual therapists offering their services. The individual therapists will tend to work in a particular suburb (with maybe one or two neighbouring suburbs as well). The companies will have therapists available over a wider area of Sydney (although it has to be said that there are limited Sydney-wide companies).

Why Book a Mobile Massage Sydney?

Convenience, convenience, convenience!

Once you have experienced how easy it is having a therapist come to your home or hotel then you may never want to go back to having the hassles of getting to and from a clinic or day spa. When you go to the clinic you have to get into the car, face the variable nature of Sydney traffic and then have to find a car park which hopefully isn't too far from the venue. After the massage, then you have to climb in the car and then drive home again, undoing many of the benefits of having the massage in the first place.

With the mobile massage then you can have a relaxing bath or shower in preparation for the therapist to arrive at the appointed time. Enjoy the massage in the comfort of your own home and then stay relaxed and stressed free as the therapist packs up and leaves.

Let them have to worry about having to face the Sydney traffic - that is their job. For some people, having a massage in their own home is the only realistic option. They may be housebound and just not able to get out and about. They may have young children that they need to keep an eye on or let have an afternoon sleep while they receive the bodywork they require. They may be working long hours and having an appointment out of hours is the only choice. They may be pregnant, in the third trimester for example, and just squeezing in and out of a car after the massage will undo all the pain and stress relief they have benefitted from (this is why bookings for Sydney pregnancy mobile massage are popular).

But Won't Having a Home Massage Sydney be expensive?

You may well be surprised that the cost of a mobile massage is not as expensive as you may think. If you are used to paying clinic and day spa prices, then the prices quoted for an equivalent therapist to come to you may only be $10-$20 more. When you add up your travel costs and the time taken to go to and from the clinic then it could be easily be argued that it is significantly better value. Also if there is more than one person at your home who wishes to get a massage, then most therapists and companies will charge a lower rate for the second session as the therapists only cost is their time, there is no second travel fee component required.

But how do I know that I can trust someone coming into my home

This has to be a personal decision made by you. However, you should make sure that you book a therapist that can provide a health fund receipt for remedial massage because at least you will have some level of security that they are indeed professionally qualified. Ask them to provide details about which professional association they are registered with and, if necessary, call the association or check on their website to verify that the person is a professionally trained and accredited.